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A Sustainable Period

I’ve been meaning to write this post since I started my blog back in November and I’m finally getting around to it. I just find it so mind-boggling that people still think there are only two feminine hygiene products for women to use while on their periods. I want to make it very clear YOU HAVE OPTIONS OTHER THAN TAMPONS AND PADS! Up until I made the switch those two products caused me so much stress and anxiety. After switching there is no way I will ever go back. Today I want to talk about environmentally friendly products that are so much better than the traditional. I am only going to go into depth on 3, fairly commonly used products but there are many more out there if you’re willing to search for them.

Before I get started I want to say that I’m not going to tell you why you shouldn’t be using traditional period products in this post. However, there are many issues that come with using traditional tampons and pads and I suggest you do some research into why they are harmful to your health and the environment if you are interested in learning.

  1. The Menstrual Cup

    I’ve been using my cup now for about 2.5 years and I’ll never turn back. I currently use the DivaCup but there are plenty of other brands out there and each one is slightly different. If you try one and you don’t love it, it might just be the wrong shape or size for you, don’t give up! To use one all you have to do is insert it and make sure it’s in place, leave it for up to 12 hours, empty it and clean it, then re-insert it and you’ve got another 12 hours of leak proof protection. Note: if you have a heavier flow you may need to empty your cup more often, however, they will still need to be emptied less often than you need to change a tampon. Check out Put A Cup In It for a quiz on which cup best suits you!

    The PROS:

    – A menstrual cup can stay in for up to 12 hours without leaking.
    – It is made of medical grade silicone and there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome.
    – You only have to purchase one and it will last you a few years (if you take care of it).

    The CONS:

    – There is a learning curve and it may take you a few cycles to get used to wearing it.
    – You need to be comfortable with your body, it can be a little messy when you’re getting used to using the cup.

  2. The Reusable Pad

    A reusable pad is very similar to a disposable pad other than the fact that you wash it and wear it again. I have yet to actually try a reusable pad as I am so satisfied with my menstrual cup but I would love to get a few to have on hand. A reusable pad comes in many shapes and sizes, there are so many Etsy shops selling ones with cute patterns, and they usually have some sort of clasp on the bottom to hold them in place as there is no “sticky side.” It is worn the same way as a disposable pad and when it needs to be changed it can be rinsed with some cold water and then washed as usual in a washing machine.

    The PROS:

    – There are no harsh chemicals in reusable pads and they will not irritate your skin.
    – Once you have your initial collection you can reuse them for years without having to worry about buying more.
    – They come in a ton of different shapes, sizes, and patterns so you can find the style that perfectly suits you.

    The CONS:

    – There is an upfront cost, you need enough pads to last you at least one day so you’re not constantly running the washing machine.
    – You have to rinse the blood out of the pad yourself and that may gross some people out (although it’s really no big deal if you’re worried!)

  3. Period Panties

    Period panties are something I only found out about recently and I cannot wait to get my hands on some. They’re underwear that look totally normal but (some styles) can hold up to two tampons worth of blood. If you have a light flow you may be able to just wear period panties and have absolutely no issues. I personally plan to use them as a back up for my menstrual cup incase I have any leaks. Similar to the reusable pads you simply wear the underwear and when they need to be changed you rinse them out and wash them normally. Check out THINX if you’re interested.

    The PROS:

    – You can wear them alone without any other product, you don’t have to worry about bringing a cup or pad with you.
    – They carry different styles of underwear to suit your needs, they even have a thong!!
    – Like pads, once you have your initial collection, you can use them for years.

    The CONS:

    – They are expensive, one pair costs between $20-$30. You’ll need at least 5 pairs if this is going to be the only product you choose to use.
    – Similar to pads, you have to rinse the blood out yourself (but it’s really not that bad, just do it in the shower).

As you can see there are so many viable options other than traditional pads and tampons! They’re environmentally friendly, healthy for your body, and honestly more practical than you ever thought was possible. I would suggest trying out a bunch of different products to see what works best for you! That might be one of these, something completely different, or a combination of multiple products. Don’t give up if the first thing you try doesn’t work out for you! I think that once I get my hands on some period thongs I’ll be hooked on those as a back up for my menstrual cup!

If you use any of these or another type of sustainable period product let me know in the comments below! Let’s start a dialogue about feminine hygiene, it’s about time it started to change.

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Hello everybody! I wanted to make a short post today to tell you about the planner I’m going to be using for 2018! If you read my previous post about my 2018 resolutions (you can find it HERE) then you know that one of my goals for this year was to develop a healthier daily routine. A big part of achieving that goal is being productive and organized to ensure that I can get through my to-do list daily. I’ve always been a fan of using a planner to keep track of my days and months. It helps me to be able to plan a few days or weeks in advance and that causes me less stress and helps me stay on top of my life. I’m very picky about what I use and in the past I have never been able to find a planner that perfectly fits my needs, but that changed this year when I found The Happiness Planner!!

The Happiness Planner is not your typical day planner. This planner is NOT just about helping you to be more productive, it is so much more than that! This planner is designed in such a way to help you grow as a person throughout the year. It focuses on positive thinking, mindfulness, and gratitude. It allows you to truly appreciate the day you have and prompts you to reflect on it. In my opinion this planner would be great for someone who wants to develop a more positive mindset. In just the few days that I have been using it I can already tell that it is going to help me tremendously with my anxiety. I have chosen to use the planner that runs from January to December, it features exercises, a yearly overview, monthly overviews, monthly goal setting, and daily pages that all focus on the positives in your life.

The Happiness Planner also offers a variety of other styles of planner including a full year planner that runs from July to June, an undated 100 day planner, and an undated 52-week journal. They come with multiple extra pages that give you some deeper reflection into your goals and happiness. If you are interested in purchasing a Happiness Planner for yourself or want to get some more information about them check out their website HERE.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, I make a small commission if you click on them and make a purchase. I want to say that I truly love this product and would never advise anyone to buy something that I did not 100% support. I own a planner from this company and will definitely be purchasing another one in the future.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


2018 Resolutions

I’ve always been a big fan of new years resolutions and set some for myself every year. In the past I have always set very specific goals and while that is great I find that I get very discouraged when I don’t meet the goal and end up giving up completely. This year I took a different approach, I thought about the life that I want to be living and made my resolutions suited to attaining that. These aren’t goal oriented resolutions they are more like long-term habits that I want to continue to work on over many years. I’m hoping that this new style of resolution will help me to stay motivated all year long and for years into the future.

    At the beginning of every term I have fantastic study habits but slowly I always fall off the wagon and end up cramming for my exams and finishing my assignments the night before. This year I want to work hard to keep up with my course work and put my grades higher on my priority list. Later this year I will be starting my last year of my undergraduate degree and my grades will determine what programs I am able to get in after I graduate.
    I want to spend more of my time focusing on my health, both physical and mental. This resolution can be further broken up into a couple of parts. I want to make sure that I’m doing more physical activity, even if it’s just going for a walk or a 10 minute yoga flow. I also want to be more conscious of what I’m putting on and in my body, this includes food, drinks, skin/hair products, etc. And last but not least, I want to work on my mental health by meditating, seeing a therapist when needed, and getting into a routine that makes me feel happy and productive.
    I feel like I didn’t see my family and friends as much as I would have liked to this year. It’s hard to visit my family when I live an hour and a half away from them and don’t own a car but this year I’m going to try to make more trips home. I also want to spend more quality time with my friends, even if it’s just studying together. I think that being around people I care about more often will also help with my mental health.
    This resolution started about 2 months ago when I started researching a zero-waste lifestyle. I’ve already made quite a few switches to reduce my impact and I want to continue on this path throughout 2018. I hope to find new ways to produce less waste and write about it to encourage others. Stay tuned for many blog posts about this topic in the future!
    In 2017 I realized that I like to write (when I get to choose the topic) and I think I’m fairly good at it. In 2018 I want to continue to work on this blog and turn it into something I’m proud of and something I can possibly make an income off of. I also want to explore other areas of creative expression that I haven’t tried before. I would love to learn how to draw and I plan to start playing the guitar again.

I plan to write all of these out somewhere that I can look at them daily to remind myself what I am working towards. There are many little things that I can do in order to make these resolutions a reality and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to figure them out as I go. Overall, I want to be healthy and happy, and I want to truly enjoy this year. 2017 was a great year for me full of fantastic changes and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. If you set new years resolutions for yourself do you make them goal-oriented, habit style, or a combination of both?

“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” – Margaret B. Runbeck


I am back! Sorry for the disappearance these past few weeks, I finished up exams, went home for the holidays, and had a much needed break from everything. But! I’m back and better than ever and I’m going to do my best to post every Sunday *and hopefully Wednesdays too* from now on. Today I’m giving you the full details of my very first safety razor experience. This post is going to be most beneficial for people who shave their legs, underarms, and bikini, though feel free to read if you don’t fall into that category. If you’re interested in getting a safety razor or have one and are a little nervous to try it (I feel you), this is for you.

Standard Safety Razor

I’ve been looking into getting a safety/butterfly razor for a while and I had an Amazon gift card so I thought it was time to order myself one and give it a try. I bought this one if you want to check it out! Today it arrived (which I was very surprised by because it’s Saturday and since when are packages delivered on weekends?) and I’ve been nervously waiting all day to use it. If you’re not a weirdo zero-waste wannabe like me then you might be wondering why I’m so excited about a freaking razor, valid question. I’ve never really loved disposable razors, they get dull too quickly or start to rust and I feel like I only get a few uses before I have to toss them. This has always pissed me off because of the cost of those damn razors but it seriously irks me now that I’m more conscious of the effects that one time use items have on the environment. So I started looking for a better option.

At first I thought I might start sugaring my hair instead of shaving, I still plan on giving this a try but I don’t trust myself to do it and it can be expensive to go to a salon every few weeks. I’m also not too sure how I feel about being that exposed in front of someone, I prefer to do most of my hair removal in the comfort of my own home and I needed a more feasible option. Recently, I saw a post on facebook about safety razors and I was like what the heck is safety razor? Basically it is a metal razor that has a double edged blade and a protective device with a handle as you can see in the picture above. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a safety razor:

  • You only need to replace the blades and not the entire razor (less waste, hell ya).
  • The blades are seriously cheap and will last a long time if you care for them properly.
  • There is only a single blade touching your skin at one time so there will be less irritation.
  • You’ll look like a badass with a metal razor.

And of course there are some downfalls of using a safety razor but that mostly has to do with the learning curve. You’re more likely to cut yourself while shaving, you need to have a good lather because there is no moisture strip, and it’s probably going to take you a bit longer to get the job done when you’re starting out. However, in my opinion the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Once you figure out how to work the damn thing you’ll be golden and plastic razors will be a thing of the past.

Okay, so now that I’ve convinced you that safety razors are awesome and that you should definitely try one out let’s get into my experience trying one out for the first time. I literally just got out of the shower as I’m writing this (I still have my towel on my head) so this is fresh in my memory. I want to preface this by saying that I did quite a bit of research and talked to people who use safety razors religiously to get the insider tips and I was still nervous.

I decided I was going to take a bath and start with my legs, I figured they were the easiest spot and I could sit down in the tub and start slow. I started near my ankles, lathered up with some soap like I was told, and started doing slow short strokes. This went pretty well and by the time I got up to my knee I was feeling fairly brave, that was a mistake. Shaving your knee is nothing like shaving your calves. I cut myself almost immediately, it was small but it hurt and for a second I considered giving up, but I persevered (not well I might add as I missed quite a few spots). I lathered up again and did very very short strokes. The issue with safety razors is that the head doesn’t move like a disposable one does, so if you’re not going in a straight line you’re going to cut yourself. I made it past my knee with no more cuts and everything was well again, I shaved my thigh with no problem and moved onto my other leg. This time I was much more careful when I got to my knee and, although I missed a lot of spots, there was no more cuts. On that note, if anyone uses safety razors please give me your tips for shaving your knees I’m hopeless. By the time I was done my legs I was over the bath and decided to switch to a shower.

After my legs I moved onto the bikini area, which is probably the most terrifying thing I’ve done recently. I won’t go to into too much detail on this but I will say that this is definitely going to take some getting used to. I managed to make it though without any cuts (thank goodness) and have acquired some tips for you. Lather very very well, go over your hair twice first with the grain and then against, and go as slow as possible with the shortest strokes you can manage. It took me at least twice the time it normally takes but I’m sure that with some practice I can get that down considerably. After that all I had left to do was my underarms which didn’t seem that bad until I realized I was going to have to use my non-dominant hand for one of them which scared the hell out of me. I lathered up and using my dominant hand first did my left underarm and then moved on to my right which went surprisingly well. Quite honestly, both of these areas were so much easier to shave than my knees (I really need to figure that out).

Overall I think this was a good experience, I managed to make it out alive with only one small cut and I think I’ll continue to use my safety razor for a long time. I hope that this post gave you a little bit of insight into why disposable razors suck and safety razors should become the norm. I also hope that this gave you an idea of what to expect when you try out your safety razor for the first time. If you’re interested in getting your own check out a few different brands here:


This post is written differently than my pervious posts so let me know if you like this more personal style. I had fun writing it and would love to do more posts like this in the future. If you use a safety razor and have any tips or if you have questions about them please leave a comment and we can help each other navigate this difficult task. Thanks for reading!

This post contains affiliate links, I receive a small commission if you click on one and make a purchase. 

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50 Activities for a Self-Care Day

We live in a society where the is such an emphasis on being busy. It is expected that we completely throw ourselves into school or careers and that we should always be studying or working on something. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with dedicating your time to something you’re passionate about, it is all too easy to burn out without realizing. Taking a day for yourself to slow down and focus on your needs can seriously improve your mental health and will help you feel more relaxed and productive.

There are five types of self-care: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and professional. Each type is equally important for keeping balance in your life and improving your mental health.

50 of my favourite activities for a self-care day:

  1. Sleep in late
  2. Make your bed
  3. Take a bath or shower
  4. Put on clean clothes (or PJs)
  5. Order or make your favourite meal
  6. Put on a face mask
  7. Paint your nails
  8. Get your hair done
  9. Binge watch your favourite TV show
  10. Put on a movie you haven’t seen yet
  11. Play your favourite games
  12. Have a glass of wine
  13. Tidy up your house
  14. Catch up on laundry
  15. Reorganize your house
  16. Declutter your closets
  17. Colour in a colouring book
  18. Draw or sketch
  19. Try a DIY project
  20. Write in a journal
  21. Play an instrument
  22. Garden
  23. Work towards a goal you have
  24. Plan your upcoming week
  25. Read a book
  26. Watch a TED talk
  27. Watch YouTube videos
  28. Listen to a podcast
  29. Check out a self-care blog
  30. Go for a walk or a run
  31. Do some yoga
  32. Watch the sunrise/sunset
  33. Spend some time at the gym
  34. Take a fitness class
  35. Dance around your house
  36. Meditate
  37. Write out your goals and how you can achieve them
  38. Listen to music
  39. Spend time thinking in peace
  40. Call a friend or family member to talk
  41. Write out the things you are grateful for
  42. Turn off your phone for a couple of hours
  43. Volunteer
  44. See a therapist
  45. Have a cup of tea
  46. Bake some cookies
  47. Go out for food or drinks with a friend
  48. Write down the things you love about yourself
  49. Open the windows and let fresh air inside
  50. Try something new

If you try any of these things let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about any other activities that you do on a self-care day.

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucile Ball